Join now and let the saving begin. You'll save money even if you only shoot with us once per month.

Memberships are one full calendar year in duration. For example if you purchase a membership on September 24, 2017, your expiration date will be September 24, 2018.

$20.00 Initiation Fee plus tax  
$30.00 Membership Fee plus tax  
Total = $50.00 plus tax  
$30.00 plus tax  
The initiation fee is waived if any receipt from any Southern California gun show is presented. The membership includes the spouse and any minor children aged 17 and under. Inclusive date begins the date of the purchased membership or renewal. Each membership or renewal comes with 1 free shoot.

~ At the time of joining or with the renewal
~ Occurs on the 15th shoot (2 per membership card)

5% savings on most ammo and merchandise (except rimfire)

Visit our Range Fees page to see the difference betweeen non-members and members pricing.