LARC Pistol & Rifle Club

Do you own an AR? an AK? an SKS? an M1 Garand? an M14 clone? an FAL? Even a Springfield or an Enfield or a Mauser? Or somethingsimilar? Would you like something you can do with them that is Politically Correct (no, not give them to the government) and sporting, too?

The LARC Pistol and Rifle Club holds monthly High Power Rifle matches for shooters using these rifles, and new shooters are always welcome. The matches are held at 7:30 AM the first Saturday of each month at Angeles Shooting Ranges in Lake View Terrace, CA, andrun about two hours start to finish. The course of fire consists of two slow fire stages and two sustained fire stages for a total of 52 or 62 rounds depending on the month.

Minimum equipment requirements are a centerfire rifle with iron sights capable of holding at least five rounds, at least 62 rounds of ammo (no steel cored or steel jacketed ammo per ASR rule) for it, and ear and eye protection. Magazines or clips for rapidreloading and a sling will make things a lot easier. Elbow pads and a 3 ft by 6 ft piece of carpet will make things more comfortable. A telescope will make it possible to see your shotholes in the target (this can be rented from the range.

If you would like to see how one of these matches works, we shoot every first Saturday at Angeles Shooting Ranges at the far end of the pistol/black powder range starting around 7:30 AM. You are invited to come out and watch, ask questions and/or shoot. For further information, email us at